History: Part l

So it all started with a trip to Europe, but not the Europe we know. A Europe that had been stuck in time, frozen under the hammer of the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe. The old Soviet Union had collapsed and the likes of Krakow, Budapest and East Berlin were now open for business. This was around 1993 to 1994 where there was no coffee chains or real coffee to be found in the UK, no big bucks coffee or costa lotta coffee, nothing. The only brand chain that you could get a cup of coffee in at the time was Mcdonalds! Thankfully they had not had time to penetrate the market in Eastern Europe.


Perhaps you’re wondering where would you go for coffee? Well, we found the most delicious coffee shops you could imagine, beautiful pastries decorated to match the opulent decor. A wealth of delicious coffee and efficient service. This came as a shock, we imagined the old Eastern bloc to be old fashioned and in many ways it was. But, the coffee scene was a breath of fresh air, really good consistent coffee, no two coffee shops the same. After a few days we began to take this standard for granted.

History: Part ll

So, we took matters into our own hands and in 1996 the Cafe Kaddomah was born. We offered lovely fresh coffee with table service. Situated within the Great Northern Building it was poor relation to the Eastern Bloc coffee houses but it was a diamond in the rough as far as English coffee was concerned. In 1997 Java Bar Espresso was born.


The meaning behind the name is Java, a famous coffee growing nation and a slang word for coffee in the states. Bar, well java bar means coffee bar, and espresso is the Italian creation that all really good coffee has been based on for the last 600 years.


This now takes us to the present day and we have continued to hold onto our coffee principles, fresh roasted strong coffee from an local supplier. In fact it’s an old cliche now but we have always sourced locally, from the milkman to the pastry supplier. The history of Java coffee began in 1996 and we’re continuing to make history now. Come and be part of our story, good coffee and great service.