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The Joining Of Two Greats

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Do you find yourself stuck between choosing a coffee or hot chocolate? Well, your preferred drink woes are over. Our Mocha marries together everything you love about a latte and a mix of either chocolate fudge syrup or, if you’d prefer a drink closer to hot chocolate we can make it with a dollop of Italian chocolate powder mixed in.

With this combination you get the best of both worlds, the kick of our locally sourced coffee whiles satisfying your indulgent chocolate side. Coffee is our passion and we love nothing more than creating exquisite coffees to satisfied all taste buds.

Supplier in the Spotlight

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Using local suppliers has always been an intricate part of Java life and subsequent success. By using local produce we can be confident that the products we sell are to the highest quality. Supporting local businesses also creates a stronger sense of community, many of our products are right here on our doorstep so why go else where!


Our first supplier in the spotlight is Yorkshire based brand ‘Lottie Shaws.’  It is clear to see why Java works with Lottie Shaw’s from the eye catching branding to the delicious baked good products.

The baking background comes from Charlotte Shaw’s maiden name the Harrison’s. Her family have been baking in Yorkshire for over 100 years and the recipes have been passed down the line. Now, the next generation of Harrison’s (Charlotte Shaw and family) bake and deliver the hundred year old recipes to the North and beyond.

Their seriously addictive parkin biscuits and all butter shortbread biscuits can be bought at Java stores. The baked treats are the perfect accompaniment for any hot drink. Further to the parkin we stock Lottie Shaw’s popular fine bone china cups. The unique cups are a collaboration with local artist Kevin Haynes portraying the wonderful Northern Mill Industry. You can buy the cups on their own or accompanied by a mini parkin which makes a lovely gift.

Recently Charlotte and co have teamed up again with Kevin Haynes. Together they have created a cup to commemorate the Tour De France cycling through Homfirth (5th/6th July 2014). The cup has Kevin’s signature theme of the Northern Mill Industry with the added detail of Shaw’s bakery! We hope to get these limited edition cups in stock. Listen out for more information on this and Java’s own celebrations for the Tour De France.