Let’s start at the beginning. Coffee only grows between the tropic of Capricorn and the tropic of Cancer, and the best beans (Arabica) only grow above 3000 feet. Now, although we wouldn’t use anything but Arabica beans, it’s hard to narrow down your favourite coffee beans to one country, or even one region!

As taste differs vastly from one place to another, everything from soil type, humidity and rainfall, plays a big part in shaping a beans taste. So we could just use an Indonesian bean for its rich chocolate and syrupy taste but why not mix it with a Guatemalan bean to add a little spice and give a fuller flavour? You can see where we are going with this! Basically, most great coffees are blends. Taking all those lovely flavours from 5 or 6 (or however many you like) different countries and packing them into one.

Now here’s the tricky part. Coffee is grown in over 70 countries! How do you pick only 5 countries from all of those? Well, without getting too giddy on caffeine, we went to our local roasters with a strong idea in mind of what we wanted our coffee to taste like, and with their experience and our taste buds, the Java Bar Espresso blend was born! It was hard work (honest!), but we got there in the end.


Now I know what you thinking – milk! Is there really that much to it? Well, there is. When you are making milk based coffees like Lattes and Cappuccinos, you simply want to make sure they are perfect.

Our milk comes from a local farm that deliver daily, ensuring what goes in your drink pretty much comes straight from cow, to cup! Lovely fresh milk not only foams much easier for those lovely fluffy Cappuccinos, but also tastes great. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


That’s the person behind the bar making your coffee! As easy as we make it look, a lot more goes into it than you might think. We’re not going to bore you with all the techniques and science behind it (as much as we’d like to!), but all our Baristas are trained intensively, one on one by our head barista, before they’re allowed to make a drink for you.

Java believes that the care and attention put into our drinks by our Baristas really make a difference to the end product. I’m sure you’ll agree too.

Essentials – The Java Bar Espresso Way


The basis of most of our drinks! This thick, black liquid, almost caramel in appearance, comes as a single (30ml) or double (60ml). It’s short and intense. A real journey of pure taste, not overshadowed by milk. More for the connoisseurs of coffee.

Fresh espresso should have a lovely thick, golden cream, and should be served, and drank whilst still hot to preserve every last drop of flavour.

Cafe Macchiato

Tempted by an Espresso but scared that it might be a bit too much for your taste buds? Ease yourself into the dark side with a beautiful macchiato.

Comes again as a single or double, but with a few dollops of the lightest, fluffiest milk spooned on top, creating a milk cap. You still get most of that lovely pure espresso flavour, but the milk takes that pure black edge off.

Just Good Java

Our signature drink! It’s also known as a café crème, but you’ll be hard pressed to find it available in many other coffee shops.

It’s espresso that’s run through until it fills your cup, it’s that simple! For those that love strong coffee and find an Americano too weak, this is for you.


Now this drink has been cropping up more and more over recent years with the invasion of American coffee shops. When the Americans helped out with the war effort during WW2 in Italy, they found the Italian coffee far too strong, so they added hot water to it, to make it weaker like the traditional American drip coffee. Hence, the Americano was born!

A double espresso, topped up with hot water. Lighter on the palate than a café crème, better for that cup of coffee later on in the day.

Cafe Latte

The latte is our best selling drink. A double espresso in a 12oz cup, topped up with beautiful, velvety, steamed milk with a slight foam top.

Get it from one of our professionally trained baristas, and you might even be lucky enough to get the addition of latte art (a picture on the top of your drink), for that extra special touch! Smooth and refreshing.


The coffee everybody knows, even if you’ve never been into a coffee bar! Another very popular drink with our customers as we serve it how it should be done.

A double espresso in a 12oz cup, topped up with lovely fluffy steamed milk that almost sits on top of the espresso.

Do you love lattes but find them just a tad on the weaker side?! The cappuccino is your perfect match! Served with or without chocolate to suit your taste.

Flat White

There really is a coffee for everybody! This is the most modern drink, and originates from New Zealand.

It’s a double espresso served in a 12oz cup with completely flat (no foam) steamed milk poured over. The perfect drink for anyone that finds a latte just slightly too strong, get a Flat White today!

The Chocolate Ones – The Java Bar Espresso Way

Mocha and Chocca Mocha

Unleash your indulgent side! Love coffee? Love chocolate? Love knowing what your perfect drink will be? Read on…….

Everything you love about the latte, but with a mix of either chocolate fudge syrup, or if you prefer a drink closer to hot chocolate but with the coffee kick, we can make it with a dollop of Italian chocolate powder mixed in. Topped off with whipped cream if you’re feeling really naughty. I can see you licking your lips already!

Hot Chocolate

Ok, so you’ve got this far down the list, and still nothing tickles your fancy? You’re probably not a coffee fan, or you’ve had one too many today already but still love your drink to be made perfectly.

Made with Italian chocolate powder, velvety steamed milk and topped off with marshmallows and whipped cream, our Hot Chocolates taste as good as they sound. Go on, and pretend it’s your Friday treat every day of the week!