At Java Bar Espresso you will always find the traditional coffees, teas and hot chocolate. Alongside biscuits, homemade cakes, scones, sandwiches and waffles which act as the perfect companion to any beverage.
We keep our menu fresh and exciting by introducing seasonal specials. Our products are all sourced from local quality suppliers. Ice cream is available in the summer and delicious hot spiced mulled wine in the winter.

If you love the taste of our coffee you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home as we sell our Java coffee beans, just ask in store.

Our Italian deli section is the perfect opportunity to pick something up for supper; pasta sauces, fresh pesto, Cerignola olives, panettone and rigatoni.

At Java we have a passion for fine wines. We carefully select our unique range of wines and champagnes. Our wines cannot be purchased at the well-known supermarkets or online. Often at Java Uppermill we host wine tasting evenings where we share our knowledge and love of wine. Quality alcohol shouldn’t cost the earth so all our beverages are fairly priced.

Menu’s may vary between sites but all our food & beverages are equally as delicious..


  • Freshly baked pastries: croissant, almond croissant, pain au raisin, pain au chocolate.
  • Continental: cereals, porridge, fresh fruit, Greek yoghurt and granola, toast.
  • Panettone: toasted Italian fruit bread with butter.
  • Belgian Waffle: hot Belgian waffle served with your choice of maple syrup or Nutella and cream.
  • American Pancakes: a hot stack of pancakes served with maple syrup and cream.
  • Salmon Bagel: Scottish smoked salmon, cream cheese and chive with rocket on a seeded high fibre bagel.
  • Granola Bar: a slice of fruit and seed granola bar.
  • Scrambled Eggs: soft scrambled eggs served with white or multigrain toasted bloomer topped with Scottish smoked salmon (optional).
  • Eggs Benedict: toasted English muffin poached eggs and ham, topped with Hollandaise sauce.
  • Gluten Free: toast, fruit loaf and cinnamon and fruit bagel available with Lescure butter.

Breakfast is served until 11.00am.


All sandwiches are served with a side salad dressed with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.

  • Chicken Sandwich: Oven roasted chicken, Italian sundried tomatoes, rocket and mayo on multigrain bloomer.
  • Salmon Bagel: Scottish smoked salmon, cream cheese and chive with rocket on a seeded, high fibre rustic bagel.
  • Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil: Fresh sliced vine tomatoes, Italian mozzarella with rocket and mayo on a bocata. (v)
  • Goats Cheese and Roasted Red Pepper: Crumbled goats cheese, roasted red pepper, rocket, Italian pine nut pesto on a sesame nigella seeded flatbread. (v)
  • French Brie & Bacon: Creamy brie, smoked bacon, plum and apple chutney on a hearty multi seed rustic roll.
  • Serrano Ham & Manchego: 18 month aged serrano ham, manchego cheese, rocket, sundried tomato pesto, caramelised onion and aioli on Spanish barra gallega bread.
  • Hummus & Med Veg: Greek chickpea hummus, Mediterranean roasted veg, rocket on Provencale olive oil and herb focaccia. (v)
  • The New Yorker: American pastrami, baby gem lettuce, emmental cheese, gherkins, mayo and mustard on a pretzel bun roll.
  • Winter Turkey: Christmas roast turkey, smoked bacon, rocket with cranberry sauce on bocata. (seasonal)

Children's Sandwiches

Served on either brown multigrain or white bloomer with half a bag of Tyrels crisps. Can be hot or cold.

  • Cheese
  • Chicken
  • Ham
  • Bacon
  • Tuna

Specialty Boards

  • Java Platter: our signature 20″ board with a rustic combination of Italian meats, European cheese board, mezze, Mediterranean grilled vegetables, caprese salad, sardines with warm ciabatta and bread sticks.
  • Cheese Board: a selection of European cheeses including French brie, Black Sticks blue, Vignotte, goat’s cheese and Taleggio. Served with plum and apple chutney and an assortment of fine crackers. (v)
  • Meat Platter: a selection of Italian meats including Napoli, Milano and Tuscano served with chilli jam and warm crusty bread.
  • Vegetable Platter: Italian pitted olives, Mediterranean grilled vegetables, dolmades, pepperabica stuffed sweet peppers and a balsamic onion. Served with warm crusty bread. (v)
  • Pate: Brussels pate served with caramelised onion chutney, mixed leaf salad and warm crusty bread.
  • Mezze: trio of Italian mixed pitted olives, Greek chickpea hummus and Spanish aioli served with warm pitta.(v)
  • Bread Board: freshly baked bread with aged balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil for dipping. (v)
  • Breadsticks and Aioli: home-made garlic mayonnaise with rustic bread sticks. (v)
  • Italian Meatballs: Handmade Italian meatballs, handmade gnocchi and Parmesan served in a rich tomato sauce with warm crusty bread.
  • Swiss Cheese Fondue: Swiss melted cheese served lit in a cast iron fondue pot with skewers and a whole baguette cubed. (v)
  • Vacherin Mont D’or: A seasonal cheese baked with garlic, rosemary and a dash of pinot grigio served with a whole freshly baked baguette. Available September – March.

Handmade Pies

All served with a salad garnish dressed with aged balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Accompanied by a small pot of tomato chutney. Flavours vary but examples are below:

  • Beef and Ale
  • Pork and Apple

Savoury Tarts

Goats Cheese and Spinach: served with a side salad and tomato chutney. (v)

Classic Toasties

Served on either brown multigrain or white bloomer. Gluten free bread available. All served with a side salad garnish.

  • Ham and cheese
  • Bacon and cheese
  • Tomato and cheese (v)
  • Onion and cheese (v)
  • Tuna and cheese

Bespoke Sandwiches

Served on either brown multigrain or white bloomer. All served with a side salad garnish.

  • Ham salad
  • Chicken salad
  • Bacon salad
  • Turkey salad (seasonal)
  • Tuna mayonnaise salad


All salads, apart from Caesar, come dressed with aged balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.

  • Greek: grilled halloumi/feta (depending on season), sun dried tomatoes, red onion and roasted red peppers, mixed olives served on leaf with houmous, vine leaves and warm pitta. (v)
  • Italian: bocconcini, sun dried tomatoes, red onion and roasted red peppers, mixed olives served on  leaf with pesto and warm baguette. (v)
  • Tuna: tuna flakes, cannelloni beans, sun dried tomatoes, red onions and roasted red peppers served on a bed of rocket with warm crusty bread.
  • Caesar salad: oven baked chicken breast, bacon, anchovies, grated parmesan, soft boiled egg and garlic croutons served on gem lettuce with caesar dressing.
  • Caprese Salad: Layered fresh vine tomatoes, Italian mozzarella, rocket and red onion. (v)


Ask a member of staff what our homemade specialty soup of the day is. Served with warm crusty bread and butter.

  • Soup and a sandwich: Choose from any of our fresh sandwiches to go with the soup of the day.


Prosciutto, Mozzarella, Tomato: served with side salad garnish and tomato chutney.


A varied selection of Italian and homemade cakes.

  • Torte Della Nonna: a Tuscan shortcrust pastry filled with a silky lemon pastry cream, topped with pine nuts and dusted in icing sugar.
  • Tarta De Santiago: a soft and light Spanish almond tart.
  • Bolo De Arroz: Individual Portuguese rice cake, traditionally served warm.
  • Homemade Cakes: Lemon drizzle, Carrot cake, Victoria sponge.
  • Scones: Fruit scones served with butter or cream and jam.
  • Belgian Waffle: Hot Belgian waffle served with your choice of maple syrup or Nutella and cream.