Our mission is to provide the best cup of Java in the world.

We take care in the journey of each bean, from sourcing and roasting, to preparation and delivery.  

Java Bar Espresso beans maintain an unparalleled level of quality that resonates through every sip. 

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and provide your business with one of the worlds best coffees. 

Our signature blend! A trade secret that has been the foundation of making Java a Manchester institution. Sweet and chocolaty with a hint of fruitiness and earthy undertones. A full bodied coffee with great depth 

Clean, bright with a honey like sweetness and 99.9% caffeine-free. Medium bodied and well balanced with complex flavor notes. 

Product Availability

227g retail bags of our Espresso Grande II beans, Espresso Grande II grind or our Mountain Water Decaf grind

(Individual bags / A selection of 3 / Case of 24)


1kg bags of our Espresso Grande II beans or our Mountain Water Decaf

(Espresso Grande II grind can be available upon request)

6 x 1kg case of our Espresso Grande II beans or our Mountain Water Decaf

(Single cases available and discounts available on each extra case purchased)

2kg tin of our Java Bar Espresso “CIOCCOLATO (Hot Chocolate) MCMXCVI”

(Individual tins / case of 4)

1100 x Java Bar Espresso “Breakfast Tea MCMXCVI”

(Size is individual tea bags per box)

UK mainland delivery  – For international delivery inquiries please follow our contact page

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